Thursday, November 24, 2005


NFL Picks - Week 12

Forget to post this. I wrote the writeups for the first two games on Wednesday, as well as the rest.

Atlanta at Detroit
I've been screwed picking both these teams this year. Atlanta is struggling big time right now. Can they bounce back? I think they have to. Falcons 24-20.

Denver at Dallas
I think Denver is the second best team in football right now unquestionably. The running game is great, Plummer is not turning it over and that defense is quietly winning them a lot of games. Dallas is pretty good, but too hot and cold for me. Broncos 23-14.

Baltimore at Cincinnati
Bengals should win. Baltimore can only beat teams with injuries or bad offenses. Bengals 20-6.

Carolina at Buffalo
Can't figure out the Panthers either, just like the Falcons. Still, I like them here because Buffalo's offense has had its problems. Panthers 27-26.

Chicago at Tampa Bay
Who would have thought this game would be a battle of 7-4 teams? I have no idea how it'll turn out. I've been picking against the Bears a lot. Not this week. Bears 14-13.

Cleveland at Minnesota
No idea. Vikes, I guess. Can't believe they're 5-5. They should have another sex cruise. They seem to have turned it around since then. Browns D is playing well now, but so is the Vikes. Vikes 16-14.

New England at Kansas City
I don't like picking against the Chiefs at home, but I'll do it here because I think Brady's playing amazing football and will pick that defense apart all day. Pats 33-24.

San Diego at Washington
Classic game on a team going up (SD) and a team going down (Was). Logic says pick the hot team, but it's the NFL, so logic gets thrown out the window. I'll go against logic anyway. Chargers 31-23.

San Francisco at Tennessee
Blah. Titans 7-6.

St. Louis at Houston
The Rams are falling apart. If they lose to Houston then they're only doing what they've been doing all year. Don't be shocked if it happens. But I'll pick them to win this game, even with JMart at QB, because the Texans are so bad at this point. Rams 27-21.

Jacksonville at Arizona
Jax is the most boring team to watch in the NFL. The Cards can throw, but the Jags have a nice pass D, so the Jags will end up with a win.

Miami at Oakland
Two more teams I can never figure out. Raiders 20-13.

Green Bay at Philadelphia
To quote Drew Rosenhaus, "Next question." Eagles 34-30.

N.Y. Giants at Seattle
Seattle is pretty dominant at home. I think Alexander has another big game. You know what I remember from week one? On ESPN's NFL Countdown preview show in that first week the question was what QB will be benched first. Steve Young said Tim Ratty for Alex Smith, Michael Irvin said Brian Griese for Chris Simms (I think) and then Tom Jackson said Matt Hasselbeck for Seneca Wallace. I was like, what? Bench Hasselbeck? I'm not a huge fan, but the guy's pretty good and they got him locked up long term. Just a bizarre comment that I'll always remember. Seahawks 30-23.

New Orleans at N.Y. Jets
Blah. Jets 10-7.

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
I'm not picking against Indy. Should be fun to watch, though. I wonder if the Steelers blitzes will irritate Manning and throw him off his game. I doubt it. I do think the Steelers will do the best job on Edge James of any team, but the Steelers are vulnerable in the vertical passing game, which is how they will ultimately lose. Close first half, but Colts pull away in the fourth. Colts 34-24.

As for Owens, I'm glad it's over. I want to enjoy the last two and a half months of NFL football. All offseason all we're going to hear about is Owens, so I'm ready to not think about it during the season.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


NFL Picks - Week 11

I'll go quick because I'm in a rush. And no, don't use that line on your wife/girlfriend.

Season Straight Up: 92-52

Arizona at St. Louis * - They better fucking win at home. Run Jacko run.

* Carolina at Chicago - If the Bears win then I'm sold on them. I just don't think they have enough offensively to do it.

Detroit at Dallas * - Dallas is not a Super Bowl contender that the media fans of Bill Parcells thinks they are. That said, Joey Harrington on the road? No.

* Jacksonville at Tennessee - I don't even know what the Titans are good at.

* Miami at Cleveland - Miami only because I like their D and running game more.

New Orleans at New England * - Even with no running game, they are still way better than the Saints.

Oakland at Washington * - Washington impresses me less and less every week, but Oakland never impresses me, so go Skins.

Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants * - Mike McMahon was such a bad QB that Detroit laughed at him. Detroit! Giants win.

* Pittsburgh at Baltimore - Yeah, Maddox blows, but that Ravens offense is as bad as any offense I can remember in the NFL in the last decade.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta * - The Bucs really shut down the Falcons last time they played. Not this time.

* Seattle at San Francisco - You don't know how much it pains me to admit that Seattle is good.

Buffalo at San Diego * - Chargers off a bye week, Losman on the road. Chargers by a lot.

* Indianapolis at Cincinnati - Sorry Bengals, you're not there yet. Their defense isn't good enough to stop the Colts.

N.Y. Jets at Denver * - Denver. Big.

* Kansas City at Houston - I'd love to see Houston win because they play hard. Too bad they suck.

* Minnesota at Green Bay - At least I know that when I'm out Monday night I won't be msising a good game. Even if the score is close, it's not a good game.

Too many games on at 1. Balance the schedule out more, NFL! Geez!

Friday, November 11, 2005


NFL Picks - Week 10

Doing well this year. Let's hope it continues.

Arizona at Detroit *
Fuck if I know. I don't care about games between bad times. Only people that do are ones with gambling problems. Since I'm not there yet (give me a couple years), I just don't care. I'll take the Lions, though, because at least they have some talent on defense. Lions 14-13.

Baltimore at Jacksonville *
I think Baltimore is garbage. Jacksonville can't score very much, but they can do enough to beat this team. Ugly game right here. The Jags offense could be so great. They're just too conservative. Jags 10-3.

Houston at Indianapolis *
I hope that just like last week the Colts go for two when they are up 20 points. This time I hope they do it when they are up by 80. Colts 88-6.

* Kansas City at Buffalo
I think the Chiefs are hitting a groove right now and will carry it over into Buffalo this week. I'm not sold on the Bills D or Kelly Holcomb right now, although McGahee is playing well. Chiefs win a tight one 27-24.

Minnesota at N.Y. Giants *
This won't be close. Giants 31-10.

* New England at Miami
For whatever reason, I still believe the Pats are a top team in the AFC. Brady is playing amazing football and, as he's done in the past, will find a way to win a close game in the end. That's just what he does.

San Francisco at Chicago *
I'm still not that impressed by the Bears. They've beat Detroit twice, Minnesota, Baltimore and New Orleans, all below average teams that are in the bottom ten in the league. They lost to Washington and Cincy, both good teams, as well as crappy Cleveland. So now the Bears got another easy game that they will win. Yes, they are playing great defense, but can they do it against quality teams? I'm not sold on them. I love Lovie (former Rams D-Coordinator), but I don't have enough faith in them. I also never bet on them against the spread. They're too hard to predict. Bears 13-3.

Denver at Oakland *
I still don't believe in Denver that much. I also like the Raiders when they are at home, so I'll go Raiders in a close one, as all AFC West games seem to be. Raiders 24-20.

N.Y. Jets at Carolina *
The Jets suck. Carolina does not. Panthers 30-10.

Green Bay at Atlanta *
Spread isn't high enough. Green Bay is horrible. Atlanta is, in my opinion, the best team in the NFC right now. Falcons 27-10.

* St. Louis at Seattle
Here we go. I've been waiting for this for two weeks now. The Rams are healthy at this point, as healthy as they've been all year. The Seahawks got two backups at LB facing a Rams offense that is running the ball on everybody, just ask the Jags. Then there's the fact that the Rams won in Seattle last year twice, once after a big comeback early in the year and once in the playoffs. Seattle did win the first game 37-31 in St. Louis, but that was the Martz era. It was a typical Martzian performance where the Rams passed too much (40 attempts) and didn't run enough (only 17). This time around it'll be close to 30 pass and 30 run, which is what you should do against a Seattle team that is vulnerable against the run. While I do think Alexander will have a big day, Jackson will have a bigger one. Rams win a tight one, which is what always happens with these guys. Biggest game of the season for both teams. Rams win and they are a game back. Seattle wins and they go 3 games up. I think the Rams have the easier second half schedule too, so hopefully this game can help them win the division. Rams 31-27.

* Washington at Tampa Bay
Hey Tampa, enjoy your trip back to mediocrity. I don't think it's just because Griese is hurt. I just didn't think they were that good to begin with. I see this as a lower scoring game that the Skins pull out because Brunell has been pretty good at making big passes this year. Oh yeah and stop giving it to Mike Sellers in the red zone. I need some Portis TD's, assholes! Redskins 14-13.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh *
Another game that sees a great defense against a shitty offense. Even Charlie Batch can beat these guys. Steelers 20-3.

Dallas at Philadelphia *
I have no logic for this. I just think Philly somewhere in their minds realize they are better than they are playing. Now that the Owens thing is in the background, maybe they got their mindset in the right place and will band together to eek out a win here. Eagles 17-16.

So that's 11 favorites and three underdogs with the Chiefs, Raiders and Rams.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Lost Thoughts for 11/09 Episode

I thought the episode was slow at the start, like for the first twenty minutes, but then it really picked up.

The ending was phenomenal. I kinda wish I didn't read that spoiler about Shannon being the one to die, but it didn't ruin it or anything. I never got into her character before although I thought the flashback episode this week on her was terrific.

The final two minutes were just fantastic television. So many questions, like where is Walt coming from? Why is Walt unable to come closer to Shannon/Sayid in that situation? Did Ana Lucia actually shoot Shannon or was it somebody else? Plus now that the Ana Lucia group has run into Sayid, who will be mourning the loss of Shannon, it provides even more tension at the camp.

My favorite thing about this episode was the growing friendship of Michael, Jin and Sawyer. Sawyer has been a brute for much of the show, but now he's getting softer because of his wound and needs to count on Michael and Jin for help. It's provided a great dynamic. Plus, I mark for when he calls Jin "Chewie" because it's hilarious.

God, I love this show. I missed it.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


NFL Week 9 Picks

For those that have asked, I'll be writing some sort of wrestling column early next week. The last month has been killer, but I should have some time for it now.

Quickie picks because I'm sorta busy today.

* Atlanta at Miami - Like the Falcons a lot these days. Dolphins only seem to beat the bad teams.

* Carolina at Tampa Bay - Not impressed by Chris Simms at all. Go with the Panthers, but wouldn't be shocked by a Bucs win.

Cincinnati at Baltimore * - Ravens have to win one of these days.

* Detroit at Minnesota - I'm not picking Minnesota this year.

Houston at Jacksonville * - I'm not picking Houston this year.

Oakland at Kansas City * - Some are calling for an upset here. Not me.

* San Diego at N.Y. Jets - Jets run D is questionable. Chargers have Tomlinson. That's enough for me.

Tennessee at Cleveland * - No idea. Nor do I care.

* Chicago at New Orleans (Baton Rouge, LA) - Bears D is really impressing me. Saints have Aaron Brooks, so you do the math.

* N.Y. Giants at San Francisco - Would love an upset here, but don't see it.

* Seattle at Arizona - Same as above.

* Pittsburgh at Green Bay - They won't miss Ben. They'll run 45 times for 200 yards, throw 15 yards for 120 yards and win the game by playing Steelers ball. It's okay Favre, retirement is just two months away.

Philadelphia at Washington * - Eagles are VERY vulnerable right now. Skins bounce back from last week's debacle.

* Indianapolis at New England - Coming off a bye, they're more healthy and I think, as John Cena's song says, their time is now.

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