Monday, September 26, 2005


NFL Week 3 Observations

Man, I love the NFL.

My thoughts on my Rams game: Phew. The offense started out really slow, but the defense kept them in it with the turnovers and then they stood up well at the end for the second straight game. Ugly game, though, with plenty of turnovers and mistakes. A win is a win. I'm happy. Huge game for Bulger and Holt. Sucks that Bruce got hurt, but they should be alright with Curtis stepping in.

I don't see the Bills in the playoffs. Even if Spikes was healthy (he's not, out for the year with torn Achilles) they wouldn't make it. Losman is horrible. Either that or he's a slow learner. If you got Moulds or Evans on your fantasy team you better drop both now because Losman struggles to even throw for 100 yards in games. Sucks for Spikes. He's a great player and leader that has never been to the playoffs. This was his best chance. Now it's gone.

Oh and one other thing. Mike Vick is fucking awesome. Anybody that watches him play and watches their games knows he's arguably the most valuable player in the game. It sucks that people will look at his final TD total (which will be under 20, probably) rather than at his performances because if you really watch the guy you know how fucking great he is. Top 3 in MVP for sure. I have no doubt.

The Bengals are for real. Everybody talks about the offense, but that D is forcing turnovers better than anybody. Can't wait for them to take on some better teams.

I think Green Bay is the worst team in the league.

Hey Steelers, when Roethlisberger gets sacked there you don't have to call timeout immediately. Wait 40 seconds and call the timeout at like 45 seconds left instead of 1 min 20 seconds left. So then they get the first down after the pass interference, then they get the TD on the next play and then they leave Tom Brady and crew over a minute to get the last score. Stupid time management. That play where they called time was 4th down. Time was not an issue. The first down was. So the Steelers fans can blame shitty time management for the loss rather than any specific player.

The Pats have so much heart and guts, it amazes me. Backups on the line, backups in the secondary. Doesn't matter. They are unlike any team in the NFL I've ever seen with the way they always seem to find a way to come back. Even without Bruschi and probably without Harrison they hunkered down to make plays. Yes, Randle El handed them the ball on a scoring chance, but the Pats just always seem to come up big when they have to.

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